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How It Works

Transaction automation and documentation and stay connected with your Clients from any device (PC, phone and tablet). Proactive notification by transaction, tasks with dashboard views with tasks and due dates. All of that is available to you and so much more in our platform. Here are the key features and capabilities and how they help you be the premier Agent you are!

Stay Organized

Manage all your transaction tasks and lead follow ups on your dashboard! Start your day with your tasks with all your time sensitive tasks visible at a glance and maintain lead follow ups to ensure you never lose a potential client!

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Stay Connected

State of the art in simplicity, our CRM allows for relevant client engagement in under 30 seconds! With HomeHub Pro you can engage with clients from your phone or the web in seconds and our patent pending automated home maintenance reminders keeps you top of mind as a trusted advisor.

Stay Efficient

Our patent pending EZ Task feature not only reminds you of transactional tasks but will do them for you with a simple click! EZ Tasks are prepopulated email templates for transactional follow up and best practices to proactively communicate with all parties making for a smooth closing and premier client experience.

Stay Busy

By utilizing our comprehensive engagement processes that wow your clients during the transaction and continually keep you top of mind in a relevant and personal way post-closing, you will be sure to receive ample referrals to grow your business.

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